Breast Cancer Awareness Months – October(pink)

Pink month or Breast cancer awareness months. We all need to know its..October.

Awareness doing a day or a week is not enough to cover all womens around the world. Risk group are more and more . By the time different life style , urbanisation , unhealthy and mixed chemical on foods brings too much hazards on health.

Breast cancer is affecting world wide . Every day new cases are being dected and treated as well.

Family history and Genetic attachment in BRCA1 / BRCA2 are more seen due to developed in technology in developing world and also advances in health systems.

Life span is increasing where early detection is possible.

Triple assessment and Early diagnosis play important role to increase life span. almost more then 95% cure rate on early detection. so CBE and CSBE are important to learn and teach nearby circle to minimize incidence.

Self Breast Examination for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Most of time , Patient self findings either during mirror time or shower time is benefitial for them.

Palpating a lump either small or bigger. Most of their presentation late is of painless lump. Painless bring ignorance to visit doctors on early time. so Every months after periods. a week later one can self examine breast . it can be done either by looking self or feeling lump by self.